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Ek kid paida hote hi nurse se bola: Mobile hai kya?

Nurse: Kiyun?

Bacha: Zara GOD ko delivery message bhejna hai.

* * *

Just after delivery, a Kid asks the nurse: Do you have a mobile please?

Nurse: Why?

Kid: I have to give delivery message to God.

* * *

Hindi Teacher: Itni pitai ke baad bhi tum hass rahe ho.

Funny Kid: Gandhi Ji ne kaha hai, musibat ka time hass hass ke gujarna chahiye.

Hindi Teacher: After so much punishment, you are still laughing ?

Funny Kid: Gandhi Ji said: We should face all troubles of life happily.

Kid (mobile cell phone par): Madam, mera beta aaj school nahi aaygea?

Madam: Aap kon bol rahe ho?

Funny Kid: Mere papa bol rahe hain.

Kid (on mobile cell phone): My son will not come to school today.

Madam: Who is speaking ?

Funny Kid: My dad is speaking.

* * *

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